The Tnemec product line consists of more than 100 Performance-Driven architectural and industrial coatings systems. From premium epoxy and polyurethane to specialized flouropolymer technologies, the coatings have been formulated for extreme durability, enduring performance, and enhanced aesthetics for steel, concrete, masonry and drywall substrates. Having consistently met the toughest challenges in the coatings industry for over 90 Years, Tnemec products are preferred among specifiers worldwide when performance and quality are required. Recently, Tnemec developed a true innovation in the Insulative Coatings market by developing the first Aerogel Insulating Coating known as “Aerolon”. This revolutionary product offering provides real solutions for Thermal Bridging, CUI, Energy Efficiency, Condensation Reduction and Safe to Touch surfaces.



Paint Systems

  •   Tnemec Standard Paint Schedule
  •   Tnemec Zinc Metalizing with Epoxy and Urethane Topcoats Specification

High Performance Wall Systems & Coating

  •   Tnemec Master High Performance Coatings Schedule
  •   Tnemec Fluoronar Building Facade Long Form Coatings Schedule

Fiberglass Reinforced & Cleaning Room Coating Systems

  •   Tnemec 273 Stranlok Mat Lay Up Coatings Schedule

Structural Steel Primer Specifications

  •   Tnemec General Structural Steel Coatings Schedule
  •   Tnemec 394 PerimePrime Short Form Specification
  •   Tnemec 394 Proprietary Long Form Coatings Schedule
  •   Tnemec 394 Public Bid Long Form Specification
  •   Tnemec 394 Public Bid Short Form Specification

Thermal Insulative Coatings

  • Tnemec 945 Aerolon Thermal Tape Specification
  • Tnemec Fluid Applied Insulative Coating Long Form Specification
  •   Tnemec Fluid Applied Thermal Break Long Form Specification
  •   Tnemec Fluid Applied Thermal Break Public Bid Long Form Specification
  •   Tnemec Fluid Applied Thermal Break Short Form Specification
  •      Tnemec Thermal Break Construction Details

Concrete Stains & Sealers

  •   Tnemec Chemprobe Exterior Stain Coatings Schedule

Air Barriers

  •       Tnemec Single Wythe Walls Air Barriers Article

Industrial Flooring

  •   Tnemec 222 Deco Tread Decorative Quartz Epoxy Flooring Specification
  •   Tnemec 237/238 Power Tread Epoxy Seamless Flooring Specification
  •   Tnemec 241 Ultra-Tread MVT Urethane Color Quartz Flooring Specification
  •   Tnemec 241 Ultra-Tread MVT Urethane Full Flake Flooring Specification
  •   Tnemec 245 Ultra-Tread Urethane Sand Broadcast Flooring Specification
  •   Tnemec 256 Excellathane Color Quartz Flooring Specification
  •   Tnemec 256 Excellathane Full Flake Flooring Specification
  •   Tnemec Seamless Mechanical Room Flooring Specification
  •   Tnemec Thin Film Odorless Epoxy Flooring System Specification

Water and Waste Water Linings & Coatings

  •   Tnemec 434 Perma-Shield Specification
  •   Tnemec G436 Fiberglass Reinforced Lining for Concrete Specification
  •   Tnemec Fluid Applied Waterproofing for Detention & Potable Water Tanks Specification
  •   Tnemec Water and Waste Treatment Plants Finish Painting Coatings Schedule
  •   Tnemec Water and Waste Treatment Shop Primer Coating Schedule
  •   Tnemec Water Tank 100% SBV OTC VOC Compliant Coatings Schedule
  •   Tnemec Water Tank Exterior Over-Coat Maintenance Coatings Schedule
  •   Tnemec Water Tank Riveted Steel Interior Surfaces Coatings Schedule

Secondary Containment

  •   Tnemec Chemical Resistant Containment Lining Novolac 125 Mil Specification
  •   Tnemec Chemical Resistant Containment Lining Novolac 65 Mil Specification